Hello world!

Len staring at pc.

Hi! Len here, I am a "libtard" and proud of it!

Welcome to No U Didn’t.

My place for thoughts, reactions, social commentary, and expression. This is where you can get to know me and all of the above. That is if you so choose. I decided to start this blog to accomodate my need to express personal thoughts not on topic for the various websites I own.

Remember like rear ends we all have have opinions .  This one is mine. Feel free to join in. However I am as the conservatives like to say a “libtard” and proud of it. I am also a gay man. I am many things. This is only the beginning. If I have already offended you then probably best to hit the surfing button and seek elsewhere. It only goes up from here.

This will not be a pornographic site, nor one which promotes hate. Bashing will not be tolerated. And I will decide what is bashing. Yep my website, my rules. You may always open your own ya know? It is not my goal to offend anyone. However it is my goal to speak and bluntly. I hope we can communicate and all share, learn and maybe even enjoy.

Al the best,


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  1. Mike says:

    Hey u did it! This ought to be fun!

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