Just Don’t Get it

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Hi! Len here,

I grew up believing in the method of elections here in the United States. Made sense that you had people of differing views each presenting their own side. Each showing why their side was the better path for the country. I Just do not see that anymore.

Now it is all about who can rasie the most money. Obscene amounts of money are poured into these races. We question how the politician earned a living but how they got the campaign money seems no problem. In some degree that to the Supreme Court and Citizens United.

So all the more reason we need to examine each candidate. No matter what party affiliation. The character, background, and moral fiber of the candidate does count. If we cannot agree on the basics of what makes a good leader, then I fear we have little hope at all.

So don’t let anyone tell you that what a politician did  in the past does not count. It certainly does. How else may we evaluate the candidate if not by past and current facts and accomplishments?  When a politician says that things in their past do not matter, run very fast to the next candidate.

Make your choice carefully, and for your own reasons. Be a person and do your own research. Don’t believe any ad you see on television or hear on the radio. Erase the power of the super pacs and don’t include criteria they offer.

In this age of information there is little reason to accept blind information. Get the facts on all candidates and share that information with friends and family. Not one sided, get it all. Make the best choices. make choices for you and those you love, not for someone who wants your vote.

Ask yourself what can this person do to make life better for my family? For my country? Then make your choice.

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