We can change the hate!

It seems that more and more each day new reasons to hate and or dislike someone or something appear. This has always been a huge conundrum for me. It is so much easier and healthy to place our focus on what we love and like. Why would we want to empower hate and the negative force of dislike?

I realize that media resources like the news are way too focused on the negatives. Why? Well it seems that is what sells. At least they, the media think so. But how can we make a change in this upside down system? Simple, we do not support the negative. I don’t mean stop watching the news. I also don’t mean stop being aware. I do mean change how we react to the news and the world around us.

The recent and horrible events in Boston are just one example. We cannot deny the awful act committed against the city of Boston and the Boston marathon. Nor should we ignore the growing dangers that those consumed by the hate create. We can however seek to make safe and make strong. We can focus on what positives do exist in these terrible times.

That we as a people still come together to celebrate, to share, even to grieve have a positive message. We can and should build on that message of together. Not reinforce the message of separation. Those who seek to divide and separate should get little support. If we stop the support to these dividers, we actually can support and create a more unified society.

Share posts and messages which bring a smile, bring people together. If you have to share some negative news do not increase the negative by including anger and dark thoughts. Think about what brings you joy and peace. Try sharing from that point of view. I know being a Pollyanna is not a good thing. However, there is nothing wrong or bad about bringing sun light into your own life as well as others. See the brighter side of the picture. There are always at least two ways to see something. Be the positive growth side, be the sunlight. Be the one who takes away the dark and the anger. I know I do not always meet this goal myself. But I vow to do better and make this change a change in me.

“Be the change you want to see.”

Till next time; be safe, be happy, and be proud of who you are!


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