Shawn Thomas “Covered and Created” CD Review

"Covered And Created" New CD by Shawn Thomas “Covered And Created” New CD by Shawn Thomas

 CD Review 
 ”Covered And Created“ 
 by Shawn Thomas 
 Reviewer – Len Rogers    

Two distinctly unique discs, one CD project, sort of. Shawn knew he wanted to release a covered songs projects. Yet at the same time, had new music of his own which he needed to share. The result? A loaded musical experience and peek into the music psyche of one of today’s most seen Contemporary Christian artists. Both discs contain a generous ten songs. For this listener the opportunity shared with us by Shawn on Disc one the “Covered” disc is rare and exceptional. 

     Many cover projects are more about what music is popular. What the people want to hear. In respected Thomas style not so with “Covered” of “Covered And Created”. Shawn Thomas is sharing with us songs which have touched and or inspired him. Sure you cannot downgrade a Cher song or not recognize the popularity of Mariah Carey’s “Hero”. And it would be impossible to overlook the classic value of songs such as “The Lion And The Lamb”. However these songs are included due to Shawn’s reaction to them personally. Of course vocals are a huge portion of any singer’s approach. Here is where Shawn Thomas again gifts us with his talent. That talent being Shawn’s ability to make these songs his own. Whether Cher, Carey, or classic, on “Covered” these songs are Shawn’s. In style, delivery, and emotion. The surprises and treats for the listener on “Covered” are of course enjoying the artistic pleasure of hearing Shawn deliver and own these songs. But also there is real value in getting to know the artist as well. For in sharing these songs, Shawn tells us something about his roots and inspirations as a singer, songwriter. And for that we are all indeed in a much better place. 

      The “Created” disc two is no underachiever in value and or interaction. While both CD’s are unique and differ in content and style, Shawn is able to bring the two together in the sprit of the overall  message or more to the point, feel of the project. “Created” is of course pure Thomas. In that you will not be disappointed. I have always felt that one of Shawn’s unique strengths which bring him to the forefront of his genre, is his ability to bring life and honest emotion to his music. Simple messages of praise combined with an everyday man’s need to ask, discover, and grow are all a part of the project. If “Covered” is strong in part due to the strength of the music included, then Shawn has seen to it that “Created” is no less. 

      Shawn brings us an artistic flow, which like a river, takes us on a musical jaunt of awareness and belief. Messages of perseverance, determination and faith mingle with emotions of love, fear, and courage. All strongly represented with thoughtful lyrics and lively delivery. Shawn Thomas has never been one to share his musical ministry with anything less than exuberance and joy. No let downs on those notes here. Affirming songs like “Still I Will” share Thomas’ steadfast love while “Not Unspeakable” show testament to Shawn’s faith and courage. Comic relief and “we have all been there” understanding of “Gotta Do It Anyway – Hallelujah Day” show us we all have them and get through all kinds of days. For me, “You Don’t Have To Do This Alone” was the crowning jewel of “Created”. The song touched a common bond area we all have experienced. Shawn puts into song what I feel to be the most left out message of all. And does so with honesty and real intuitive strength. That would say a lot about the entire project. “Covered And Created”, two side of Shawn Thomas. You will want both sides in your collection. 

Len Rogers

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