Levi Kreis; “Live @ Joe’s Pub” CD Review

Levi Kreis "Live @ Joe's Pub" CD cover. LEVI KREIS: LIVE @ JOE’S PUB
CD Review 
By Len Rogers    

I am always intrigued by live CD’s / albums. The ambiance between the performer and audience bring a whole new artist awareness to the listener. We have all heard that performers “turn on” when they walk upon a stage. This is hugely apparent on “Live @ Joe’s Pub”. From the first piano key stroke to the CD’s end there is a real and vivid love affair between this audience and Tony Award winning Levi Kreis. Having had the pleasure of seeing Levi perform I can say this is the norm for this charismatic entertainer. And that love affair is a two way street. The excitement and sincere reaction is evident in Levi’s opening remark, simply, “Seriously?” You know you are in for something very special.   

The CD is “Live @ Joe’s Pub” but could easily also be a best of, (although it would need to be much longer), or even a favorite songs. But then many would say of Levi that all songs are favorites. Once you hear and experience the energy that is Levi Kreis you will understand. No half hearted efforts here. All award winning caliber performances. The golden tones of Levi’s vocal talent are equally matched with his intuitive self accompaniment. A true piano man himself, it seems the piano and Levi become one. Merging into a creative brilliance which fills the listener with an experience which can only be described as Levi Kreis. 

     An amazing fact about “Live @ Joe’s Pub” is that Levi did not know this was even being recorded. This masterpiece is what you get when Levi is before an audience. No recording prep, no technical bargaining, just pure simple Levi Kreis. And that is indeed an awesome thing. When you combine the musical experience with the personal sharing Levi includes you have a stand alone empowering show. One you will be glad to attend whether via the CD or are one of the lucky ones to see Levi live. Fancy costumes and extravagant light shows not required. Levi’s talent stands on its own with a power if tapped could heal a saddened heart.

     Not a light weight performance in any way. Levi shares himself through enlightening banter and a full and filling ten songs. Well filling in that the experience is breath taking and commands an immediate reaction, hit the replay button! If you are already a Levi Kreis fan or just experiencing the amazing talent for the first time, “Live @ Joe’s Pub” is a must include in any music collection. A smorgasbord of talent, fun, heart touching song and performance. Just to mention a few gems Levi includes in this show are; “We’re Okay”, “Nothing At All”, “I Can’t Make You Love Me”, and that is just the beginning. I do not want to ruin or spoil any surprise. Do yourself a huge music loving favor and own this CD!

For all information about Levi Kreis, and to get your own copy of “Live @ Joe’s Pub”,  check out Levi’s website.

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