CD Review Jeffery Straker

Jeffery Straker "Under The Soles Of My Shoes" CD cover
Jeffery Straker “Under The Soles Of My Shoes” CD cover

Jeffery Straker 
CD Review
“Under The Soles Of My Shoes”
Review by: Len Rogers    

One listen to “Under The Soles Of My Shoes” and you know with certainty that Jeffery Straker is not referring to something worthless left behind under the soles of his shoes.

He is singing about all the paths, messages, and truths those same soles have covered. To be sure all of those messages are not bright happy moments. Jeffery even described “Under The Soles Of My Shoes” as “sad” when compared to “Step Right Up”. I agree with Jeffery fundamentally. However Jeffery has an amazing way to deliver any message. Sad or not you gotta admit, Jeffery’s got style! 

     That style is brought full force to every song. There is no one person to which I can compare Jeffery to provide you a realistic comparison. But a close maybe would be the muse child of Bette Midler, Bernie Taupin, and Peter Allen. I could not even describe Jeffery without entertainer, lyricist, and pianist being a huge part of the conversation. Red tennis shoes, sky high energy and the heart touching performances all are Jeffery Straker. All are also obvious in the contents of “Under The Soles Of My Shoes”

     From the first track, “trainspotting” I knew this was going to be a memorable CD. Several listens later I am even more convinced. Jeffery told me in an interview this CD was more inspired by looking around him. That shows in the varied topics and subjects tackled in “Under The Soles Of My Shoes”. Jeffery takes you on musical journeys and emotional experiences, this is true. But do not be surprised if the feel of the music is maybe delivering the message in a whole different way. For instance in “gone” the message would in many cases be presented in a much “darker” feel. Not to say Jeffery does not make his point, indeed he does. With a good dose of power and panache. 

     I would be hard pressed to declare favorites from “Under The Soles Of My Shoes”. “Oh God I’m Cinderella” and “Slings And Arrows” would be a close runners. Both just literally froze me in pace. “Coat Hanger” the closing track is one which touched me and brought the proverbial tear. So get out the tissues and enjoy! This man makes you feel, and happy that you did. I was totally mesmerized. But to be honest the overall reaction I had and have to “Under The Soles Of My Shoes” is the warm happy feeling I get when I just  hit replay. 

    To find out all that is Jeffery Straker visit his website.

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