Shawn Thomas “Voice Of Worship” CD Review

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“Voice Of Worship” by Shawn Thomas

CD Review 
 ”Voice Of Worship“ 
 by Shawn Thomas 
 Reviewer – Len Rogers

An ambitious project, “Voice Of Worship” is a complex Contemporary Christian music CD. All songs are directly based on scripture. Mixing Old and New Testament, various themes, and a unique perspective of out and affirming artist Shawn Thomas.

Of course to those who know Shawn, unique is no surprise. As a matter of fact it has become a standard with all of Shawn’s projects. Whether a ‘worship’ project or a wide ranging compilation as with “Covered And Created”. The songs included in “Voice Of Worship” are not just based on scripture, but in many cases the songs are actual ‘out takes’ of the scriptures. Meaning the real word is utilized in the song. It would be a major undertaking to just base an entire collection of songs on scripture. To use the actual verbiage a huge challenge. One Shawn met with success and a pleasant end.

Ten new and original tracks along with one bonus track, make the “Voice Of Worship” CD a veritable treasure of Contemporary Christian music. Quite a few OutVoice and StoneWall Society members have shared that in cases where friendly or affirming churches are not available these projects make for a great backdrop to private and personal methods of religious ceremony. Imagine if you will, like minded people meeting on a Sunday afternoon to join in community with such projects as the basis and fuel for their spiritual use. “Voice Of Worship” with its scripture basis would be wonderful tool for such gatherings. Not only the warm and comforting vocal talents of Shawn Thomas but a combined real learning experience too. 

I was impressed and amazed at how Shawn put his personal and positive take on each scripture. Especially when in the same song, combining Old and New Testament content. Not always an easy or understandable task. Yet Thomas brings this musical worship experience to life with real regard, humility, and purpose. I was particularly impressed with Shawn’s delivery and message of the 23rd Psalm. usually associated with sorrow and funerals, Shawn delivers a refreshing and very spot on view of this much loved Psalm. Choosing to focus on the message of having a banquet prepared before and dwelling in the house of the Lord. Thomas opens a window of joy and celebration to the 23rd Psalm. A view which I admit I have shared for years. So you can see that I was overjoyed to see someone put the joy back into David’s celebratory Psalm. 

The entire “Voice Of Worship” CD is of course delivered as only Shawn Thomas can do. That being delivered with a very real smile and warmth. (You can actually hear his smile.)  That is just how this CD left me feeling, smiling, warm and relaxed. The messages contained and even the order of the songs, all create a real spiritual journey. Filled with a positive message on very old words. Words sometimes used by others in a very alienating and negative way. Kudos to Shawn for putting the ‘good’ back into the ‘Good Book’! Worship is again filled with a message of love and acceptance. Just as it was originally intended. 

Len Rogers
StoneWall Society

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